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Missing Persons


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locate family memberThe term “Missing Persons” usually conjures up ideas of an individual in dire need of being located. This could range from a child-abduction or run away to an adult who is stranded, lost or estranged after a too-long separation due to a falling out or an alcohol or drug abuse issue. Whatever the reason, You need to reconnect soon.

Many cases that Linked Investigations have been involved in with missing persons do fit the aforementioned scenarios. Our services for locating missing persons goes far beyond the normal to often potentially life threatening circumstances. We get it!

Linked Investigations Is Known as “Sensitive Issue Specialists”.

When it comes to locating missing persons the Linked Investigations team has garnered a well earned reputation as “sensitive issue specialists”. Located in Private Detective Orange County, California, since 1982 our proven investigative team have successfully worked thousands of diverse cases, searching for and locating both information and individuals for our clients.  When it matters most Linked Investigations comes through. Orange County Background Check is often times a good place to start. Call us today to talk and we can provide you with good ideas and a strategy for locating the person. Be wary of big, seemingly very inexpensive internet based searches that are impersonal and provide old and very limited results. The next step with them is to up sell, try more searches and pay, pay, pay. That’s not us, the Newport Beach Private Investigator with 30 years of experience will guide you through a plan with options before you pay a dime. Once you retain us we will act right away to accomplish the assignment with the most positive result.

We have expertise and experience in locating missing persons for the following purposes:

  • Child-abduction cases
  • Runaway children
  • Missing relatives or friends
  • Inheritance cases
  • Paternity suits
  • Reuniting with former loves or classmates
  • Homeless
  • Witnesses, Process services

This is but a partial list of why many of our clients have sought out Linked Investigations to help them locate one or more individuals.

Our work in locating missing persons has been called on and successfully performed for individuals, corporations, judicial and governmental organizations.

Our seven-step process for locating missing persons is simple and highly effective.

1. Respond to your missing persons request with a complimentary consultation.

2. Assess the situation, consider all options and create a plan of action for locating the person(s) you seek.

3. Quote you an affordable fee.

4. Fully utilize our vast resources and leverage our proven experience to locate the missing person(s) in a timely, sensitive and respectful manner, always using discretion.

5. Provide you with continuous updates and reliable information.

6. Based upon the nature of your request and sensitivity of the case, once your missing person(s) are located we will facilitate the reconnection and reunion between you and those you seek to find.

7. Present you with a final report and fully brief you on our findings.

If you are seeking to find someone and desire professional, licensed investigators who can conduct professional, timely, affordable and accurate searches, Linked Investigations is the ideal, confidential partner for your situation.

Please call us today for your complimentary consultation. 877-464-5374

Mike Garroutte, Private Investigator Orange County Ca. Owner of Linked Investigations will confidentially discuss your case. You will be provided with straight and honest answers, effectively taking the guesswork out and getting the answers you are seeking.

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