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Who Is Linked Investigations?

The Team That Delivers Peace of Mind to Our Clients.

Newport Beach Private InvestigatorFounded and led by California State licensed private investigator, Mike Garroutte, Linked Investigations is a respected and sought after professional Private Investigation company in Orange County, Ca.

Since 1982 Mr. Garroutte has brought thousands of cases to a successful and positive end.

The Linked Investigations team has professional backgrounds ranging from federal and local law enforcement to individuals specializing in surveillance and skip tracing.

Using our extensive, nationally acclaimed computer based background searches in Orange County for detailed national results, Mike has developed relationships with top licensed investigators who have their own unique and diversified professional backgrounds. the results we bring to our clients are unmatched.

A local private investigator based in Orange County and frequently referred to as the go-to Private Detective in Orange County, Ca. Linked Investigations is the detective company for our selective clients’ needs.

Whether reuniting family, locating witnesses, skips, criminals or civil defendants. The best surveillance investigator for following partners, cheaters, employees, distribution forces, key man protection and conducting counter surveillance throughout the state, nationally and internationally, you can trust our experience.

Performing Involved and often extremely important and difficult Interviews and taking legal statements under the penalty of perjury.

Comprehensive national computer data searches to uncover valuable records for our clients.

Southern California is our backyard. Surveillance in Los Angeles, surveillance in Orange County, the inland Empire and with private investigators in San Diego & across the U.S.A.

Mike has built a very competent, licensed teem who help in bringing the best possible result to a demanding and well appreciated clientele. We have private investigators based throughout California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Nevada and now several other states in the lower 48.

Not just Orange County background check or Surveillance in Los Angeles. After 30 years we have earned the reputation as specialists in most areas of investigation.

Its not uncommon for our clients to be astonished at the extent of solid, relevant information we obtain. The success on difficult missions and assignments and the positive outcome we bring. You will say “I wish I had more I could use this P.I. for”.

Many clients keep in touch for years to come. Some even include us on their Christmas card list! We enjoy return business and client referrals dating back 20 -30 years. Ask yourself, what are these guys doing to earn this? Call us, you won’t be disappointed.

As a full-service agency, Linked Investigations professionally serves the legal community, private industry, government agencies, corporations, small business, families and individuals.

Not just known as the Newport Beach Private Investigator or Private Investigators in San Diego or surveillance experts in Los Angeles. We eagerly provide Investigative services locally and nationwide. We’ve earned the national top shelf investigator rating from our clients.

Our professional multilingual staff continues to use their exceptional investigative skills on behalf of cherished clients in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, Ca. areas as well as nationally and internationally.

Linked Investigations’ Attention to Detail and our Very Competitive Rates Are Unmatched.

The detail and depth of information we uncover for clients from public records and information services to surveillance and locating individuals are unmatched. We know what we’re doing! All consultations and subsequent services are confidential. We have numerous resources and a select group of licensed investigators available 24 hours a day for client needs.

As a Private Detective in Orange County, Private Investigators San Diego, Newport Beach Private Investigator, locally and internationally, Linked Investigations offers very competitive rates in the industry. Affordable and expert personalized service will get the results you require. We provide ongoing updates, detailed reports and billing statements. Video and photography services are available at no additional charge for the service. Our expert staff has on many occasions competently testified in court.

Be wary of who you consider hiring for your investigative needs. We will be happy to discuss the many pitfalls waiting for the unsuspecting customer. We will give you the tools to check us and any other P.I. out with the State of California.

On more than one occasion we have come on board after other so-called Private Investigators in Orange County, Private Detective in Orange County, Private Investigators San Diego and in farther reaching areas, have either simply taken the retainer fee and vanished or have proven to be incompetent. Sometimes its messy and these unsuspecting clients become very jaded and suspicious of all P.I.’s.

Checking before you hire someone can prove invaluable. Please be careful. We can help. Visit the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services’ website at to check the license status of any private investigator in California. Our state license number is PI 15568.

Our expertise may be called upon on short notice. For a one time request or an involved, complex and lengthy case. Linked Investigations is known for its consistency in uncovering the evidence our clients are seeking at rates our clients can afford. Referrals to industry professionals can be given as needed.

Contact Us Today for a Complimentary Consultation.

We invite you to review our list of services to determine where and how Linked Investigations can help you. From there please contact us today for your complimentary consultation. 877-464-5374

A licensed Private Detective in Orange County, Ca. will confidentially discuss your situation. You will be provided with straight and honest answers and all options we see to best benefit you. Call us today. You will see the difference.

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