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Hiring a Private Investigator ? Be Careful.

Want to catch that cheater or partner ? Does he or she have access to your cell phone? Do you share the same computer? Have they ever had access to your computer or smart phone? How about your vehicle, your office?

In just the same way you can catch a cheating spouse at some of their sneaky games – they too can monitor you and often do. In most of the cases involving a cheating spouse or mate our clients are women. Women who are either dating, in a long time relationship or are married to, well, a controlling man who can be stand-offish and even intimidating. There’s usually tons of signs if not previous evidence of one or more indiscretion.

They are typically secretive, smart, condescending and arrogant. They enjoy degrading others you know. It is most likely due to their own insecurities. They’re so afraid you or the whole world might find out they aren’t the larger than life character they think they portray, they need constant reassurance they are superior, valid, desirable, important.

Many people become too sensitive, even afraid and paranoid with the sense their spouse and their trickery are omnipresent.

If you are concerned you are being spied on when you use your computer, then be careful with the types of conversations you have and with the websites you visit. Clear the history after you visit websites. Delete emails, etc. This is not 100% foolproof but it can help in most cases tremendously.

If someone has a ghost program installed on your computer it can do many things without your knowledge. It can send a copy of each of your emails to another account you are not even aware of. Someone can read all of your conversations. They can see what you are talking about with friends, your mother, father, your attorney and your private detective or investigator.

If someone has access to your cellphone- smartphone, they can easily download spyware that monitors your call history and all of your text messages. Again, this can be devastating and you can lose valuable time and money when they learn what you know and what you are planning.

When you contact a P.I. or an attorney or anyone you prefer to maintain privacy with, you should do so by phone outside of your vehicle, office orĀ  house depending on your situation. So many clients have told us “Oh don’t worry, he or she would never do that, he would never take her there, etc.

Last Saturday morning we got the call from our client an hour before the surveillance. She needed to cancel as her mate had told her his attorney had seized her computer at the office and they had already read numerous, deleted emails from the company account. He knew she had corresponded with us. Not good.

If you want to have your phone checked for spyware you can do it yourself or take it to the provider you are with and ask them to check it out. You are usually better off having the phone re-set (wiped clean and reloaded) and going from there. Remember in the future simply opening up a text or an attachment on your phone can allow the program to be installed again and again.

You can have your computer formatted, completely backed up then wiped clean and reloaded with programs you know are meant to be there. Again, after you do this you need to be careful when using it. If the cheater has access to your computer you can believe they will re-install the spyware again and again. Be careful. Use a service you can trust. We do.

Many people put small tape recorders in the car or SUV. Normally they tell us they found one or they put one under the seat. Of course this can record liaisons, your side of a phone call unless you are on speaker, then they will hear it all. The same goes for the office and at home.

While we recommend counseling for some of our clients involved in these situations we believe it is most important for our clients to confirm their suspicions while limiting their own exposure. Limiting one’s exposure in a sensitive situation where emotions weigh heavily along with having to cope with deceptive behavior, isn’t easy if you don’t have the experience. We guide our clients faithfully through the whole process.

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