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Why Do Attorney’s Use Linked Investigations’ Services?
Our Team of Investigators Provide Critical & Timely Evidence Your Case Needs.

Civil or Criminal cases; Our team’s broad scope of professional experience and skill is just what you need to uncover the evidence you are seeking to solidify a positive outcome for your client’s case. Linked Investigations is a valuable, trusted, go-to resource for law firms.

Linked Investigations utilizes their exceptional investigative skills on behalf of a diverse clientele primarily in California. Our backyard is in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego metropolitan areas, as well as serving clients across the U.S. and internationally.

Based in Orange County, California, Linked Investigations, through their founder Mike Garroutte, is a respected and sought after professionally, licensed private investigation company. Since 1982 our proven investigative team have successfully worked thousands of cases, many of which have been performed for attorneys and their clients in a wide array of cases. We are readily available to discuss your case as needed and provide detailed, professionally written court ready reports and billing statements.

If you are a Certified Family Law Specialist your firm has most likely used us or have come up against opposing council who has. Most of the time we discreetly conduct our business and remain in the background. Our subjects are rarely made aware of the fact that we uncovered their secrets, either through surveillance, computer work or various other means. The “other side” is sometimes shocked and embarrassed when nailed in a deposition or in the courtroom when confronted with our solid evidence. We regularly get proof of violations of the court’s orders, on video.

Our detailed, court-ready reports are promptly made ready for you to use as needed. We have testified numerous times in Depositions and in the court room. Using our services usually changes the direction of a case, often times opening up new, favorable negotiations to expedite a settlement.

Mike Garroutte, of Linked Investigations, has personally worked on hundreds of high profile cases for Orange County’s top Family Law Attorneys, delivering the valuable proof they needed. For more information relative to Family Law, please see that page of the website. Call us, we can help.


The following is a brief listing of some of the more requested investigative solutions law firms and independent attorneys contact Linked Investigations for:

  • Civil and Criminal research, pre-litigation investigation, legal preparation
  • Assisting you and your corporate Clientele.
  • Interview & interrogation of employees, witnesses.
  • Taking legal statements or declarations under the penalty of perjury.
  • Locating Individuals of Interest.
  • The Most Difficult Subpoena Services & T.R.O’s.
  • Electronic eaves dropping detection (debugging)
  • Expert surveillance – from one investigator to several.
  • Counter surveillance
  • Extensive computer searches
  • Referrals to related industry professionals, i.e. Attorneys (most fields) marriage counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and evaluators.

A licensed private investigator will confidentially discuss the cases you feel would benefit from our collaboration. You will be provided with straight and honest answers, which will take the guesswork out of what will be the most effective measures for getting the answers you are seeking.

To check the license status of any California P.I. contact the Bureau of Security and investigative services:

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