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Family Law

Use Linked Investigations’ Family Law Services
We Can Deliver the Evidence Necessary for Positive Closure to Your Case.


We’ve been working closely with individuals and families in these important and delicate matters for about 30 years. You need the experienced private detective in Orange County to take care of your needs with finesse and discretion.

The decisions made in a Family Law court room can be favorable to you by having the right, usable evidence, obtained in a professional, timely and discreet manner. It’s a necessity. We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of having a great P.I. by your side. You cannot afford to enlist a private investigator who is going to come up short or worse still, make a mess of things. We get it!

For these reasons and more, Mike Garroutte and his team at Linked Investigations have become a valuable and trusted go-to resource for both individuals and their attorneys.

 Sometimes You need evidence for your own Peace of Mind, to have proof for your family, Friends or Church. – Not for the Court Room.

IMPORTANT? You decide. The following is only a brief list of how Linked Investigations specializes in family law:

  • Surveillance to determine a spouse’s behavior: What’s really going on? This can be a very important first step to help you decide what you need to do. Once you learn the truth you can act accordingly.
  • Child custody issues. Endangerment, first right of refusal. Monitored visitation. Who is around your children? Are they safe?
  • Determine where your ex-spouse or significant other is now living/working. whether your ex-spouse is living with someone or has someone new around the kids. This can effect spousal support and custody. Often, alcohol and or drug use is a factor in divorce.
  • Is your Ex-Spouse making False Accusations or violating the court’s orders? Violation of court orders is very common and should be documented by a licensed private investigator.
  • Computer research can be extremely important. In many cases a client needs to have information relative to property, company ownership, criminal and civil records, income & employment, financial standing and others. We have numerous case specific resources. We cover them all.
  • A well qualified attorney is worth his or her weight in gold. Divorce is already difficult, It can go relatively smoothly or become a disaster if the wrong attorney is used. We can make referrals to the best attorneys based on your needs and have worked with the strongest attorneys in the Southern California area for many years. A Certified Family Law Specialist is almost always a must for Family Law.
  • Domestic Violence – Temporary Restraining Orders. Are intimidation, domestic violence, invasion of your privacy or harassment issues you are having to deal with. We can document some of this and assist with obtaining temporary restraining orders (TRO) to bring back sanity and peace of mind.
  • We can often recommend marriage counselors and family psychologists for evaluations or therapy.

Contact us when your situation requires a top private investigator.

We have been based in Orange County, Ca., since 1982. Our local service areas include Los Angeles and Orange County, San Diego county and the Inland Empire. our proven investigative team have had positive results in thousands of cases for attorneys and their clients in a wide array of family law cases.

Are you an attorney? If you are a Certified Family Law Specialist in this area, chances are you have used us or have come up against opposing counsel who has. We discreetly conduct our business and remain in the background. Our subjects are rarely made aware of the fact that we uncovered their secrets, either through surveillance, computer work or various other means. The “other side” is sometimes shocked and embarrassed when nailed in a deposition or in the courtroom when confronted with our solid evidence. We regularly get proof of their violations of the court’s orders on video. Our detailed court-ready reports are promptly made ready for you to use as needed. We have professionally testified numerous times in depositions and in the court room. Using our services usually changes the direction of a case, often times opening up new, favorable negotiations to expedite a settlement.

Mike Garroutte, of Linked Investigations, has personally worked on hundreds of high profile cases for Orange County’s top Family Law Attorneys, delivering the valuable proof they needed.

Do you need to hire an attorney that is right for you?

Call us, we can help.

Whether our expertise is called upon on short notice for a task or we have time to meet and discuss a plan for complex and involved family law cases Linked Investigations is known for its consistency in obtaining the evidence our clients are seeking at rates our clients can afford.

The phone call and consultation are free and confidential.

There is no obligation


We invite you to review our list of services for family law then contact us today for your complimentary consultation. A licensed private investigator will discuss your case in Confidence. You will be provided with straight and honest answers, which will take the guesswork out of what can be the most important and effective measures to getting the answers you need.

For additional relevant information on this subject you may want to navigate to the Cheating Spouses and Surveillance Services pages of this website.

You should always verify the license status, year of issue and whether the investigator or attorney you may retain has had any disciplinary issues with the Bureau of Investigative Services in Sacramento, Ca. or with the California State Bar Association, for attorneys. To Check the license status of any California P.I. go to:

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