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Our Team of Investigators Deliver Results Your Company Can Count On.


Companies seeking to grow and sustain a profitable business in today’s ever changing and more turbulent economy understand the importance of having accurate and timely information. At Linked Investigations we couldn’t agree more.

Our team’s skills for performing professionally with discretion in sometimes volatile situations can save you much grief.

When you call Mike Garroutte at Linked Investigations and discuss your situation he will provide you with our best insight and options available for making productive, critical and timely decisions when it matters most. Not just another “Private Detective in Orange County”.

A valued and trusted go-to resource for our Corporate Services clients.

Our private investigation team has utilized their exceptional investigative skills on behalf of an exemplary group of clients in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas, as well as clients nationally and internationally for 30 years.

We conduct all types of field services across the United States and abroad. We interview employees to get to the bottom of past, ongoing and would-be future misdeeds. You will be amazed to learn from us what has been going on under the company’s nose. We can get people to open up and give us extremely valuable information when conducting our interviews. We often obtain declarations, signed under the penalty of perjury from employees that provide you with a crucial first hand account. We conduct exit interviews in a professional manner and on occasion, have law enforcement make arrests.

Ask us about our exclusive national coverage product, Orange County Background Check, before you hire a key employee or involve yourself in a new relationship, or potential law suit. Our computer searches are among the best, most thorough available legally and cover the entire country.

Since 1982 Private Investigator Mike Garroutte and his proven investigative team have brought thousands of cases to a positive conclusion. Many of which have been performed for a wide variety of corporate clients. Newport Beach Private Investigator – Private Investigators San Diego are the phrases commonly used when Linked Investigations is referred. Not only surveillance in Los Angeles, but anywhere your situation requires.

Whether we are called on short notice for a last minute four hour Surveillance or we conduct scheduled strategy meetings with attorneys for an upcoming, complex and lengthy project for your company, Linked Investigations is known for its consistency in uncovering the evidence our clients are seeking at rates our clients can afford. Call us today! 877-464-5374.

What are your employees doing and with whom do they meet when they are on company time while in town or during travel?

Low sales numbers, a change in attitude and general bad behavior are a few warning signs sometimes noticed by principals when considering action. Call Us today. Why wait? The call and consultation are free. There’s no obligation.

You need a reputable investigative agency on your side. We have been serving the professional corporate world for three decades and will produce exceptional results for your company.

Recent cases and surveillance in Sacramento, Los Angeles Metro areas, San Diego, Seattle, Washington, Orange County, Ca., Dallas, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona, Portland, Bend and Eugene, Oregon, Orem, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Las Vegas, Nevada have provided very strong results.

The following represent some of our most requested Corporate Services:


Employee Integrity, behavior & Loyalty

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

Interview and Interrogation

AOE COE investigations


Key Man investigation; protection, surveillance and counter Surveillance

Discreet Security

Discreet Travel Security

Sales and Distribution Infringement Issues

Monitor Competitors’ activities

Background Checks

Security Risk Analysis

Inventory control and Theft Issues

Time theft

Employee Threats

Intellectual Property; Design, Patent,Trademark, Product Issues.

Civil Records Searches; LLC, DBA’s, FBN, Dept. of Corp., officers, filing status, Property, Judgements, liens, addresses of record

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

Review our relevant corporate services and call us today at 877-464-5374 for your complimentary consultation. By clicking the contact phone button in the upper section of this page you will be directed to our contact us page. You can also email if you like.

A licensed Private Investigator in orange county, ca with 30 years of experience as a P.I. will confidentially discuss your concern. We will give you sensible, honest answers and provide you with options for for getting the best result possible.

Please be careful when hiring a Private Investigator.

We recommend you contact the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento, Ca. to check the status of any Ca. Private Investigator Detective license. Their website is located at:

The Private Investigator Detective in Orange County, Ca and the go-to Private Detective in Orange County. Private Investigator Mike Garroutte and company, Linked Investigations are respected and sought after.

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