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Civil Records


Use Linked Investigations’ Civil Records Services
Because the Value of Your Business & Personal Relationships Are Worth It.

There are numerous reasons you may want to check if someone has a civil record. Over the years our clients have come to Linked Investigations to request a search for civil records on a new business prospect or business partner to people our clients were starting a new, personal relationship with.

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Whatever your reason is for requesting Linked Investigations to conduct a civil record check this is one of the most important steps you can take before getting involved with a new business prospect or a personal relationship.

Linked Investigations is a highly respected and sought after professional, licensed private investigation company based in Orange County, California. Since 1982 our proven investigative team have successfully worked thousands of cases, many of them involving civil records.

Our private investigation team has utilized their exceptional investigative skills on behalf of a diverse and highly confidential list of clients in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego regions, as well as clients across North America and internationally.

Whether our expertise is called upon on short notice or we’re involved in complex and lengthy cases, Linked Investigations is known for its consistency in uncovering the evidence our clients are seeking at rates our clients can afford.

How Linked Investigations’ Civil Records Process Works.

Our team of top-flight investigators determine a person’s civil court history based on a comprehensive search of Superior Court Civil records.

Since most counties offer access to their court records by licensed investigators via their approved databases, you can be assured that when you hire Linked Investigations you will receive one of the most complete searches available today.

Our search information is updated daily and civil court records can be searched by county in most states or nationally.

Some counties do not provide this information by computer. In those instances or when case file copies are needed we can obtain file copies for you.

Here is some of the information we will uncover for you:

  • Court case titles
  • Case numbers
  • Dates cases were filed
  • Case details
  • File copies
  • Judgments

Do you have someone you’d like for us to investigate their civil records?  If so, please contact us today for your complimentary consultation. 877-464-5374

A licensed private investigator will confidentially discuss the areas of your case you feel would benefit from our team of expert investigators. You will be provided with straight and honest answers, which will take the guesswork out of what will be the most effective measures for getting the answers you are seeking.

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