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Cheating Spouses

Use Linked Investigations’ to Catch A Cheating Spouse!

It’s Not alright for You to be Hurt, Deceived and Controlled.

Suspecting that your partner might be having an affair can be the most hurtful, confusing and difficult time in your life.

Knowing they are being unfaithful and not having the proof can torment you. This is the person you should be able to trust and rely on more than anyone.

There are a myriad of questions swirling in your mind.

Why would they do this to you? How can they do this? Why did they actually cross that line? When did we reach the point when everything we promised and worked for meant nothing? How far has it gone? Is it too late? What else is going on? Who is the other person? Am I safe? Have I been given an STD? What about the children, the house, our investments, the retirement? Am I going to have to start all over?..  In most situations you need to speak with and possibly hire a competent P.I. before doing anything else.

With scandalous news stories in our faces every day, whether it’s presidents, congressmen,  actors or your mate, It seems some people are never satisfied.

Many will never stop and will never come clean and admit to an affair until they are exposed and confronted with irrefutable facts and evidence. We will get you the evidence you need!

Pursuing the right questions will lead you to the truth more quickly. Getting caught up in the wrong questions or continuing down the wrong path can overwhelm you and complicate the situation. We can help guide you. We have been helping people in these situations for 30 years. There probably isn’t much we haven’t seen. Call us.

When Hiding Behind denial will no longer do.

Many people have a tendency to ignore the obvious signs of a declining relationship, confuse facts with fiction and wind up micromanaging symptoms. Maybe you will need to have a professional detective conduct a surveillance in Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County. Follow your spouse to another state on a business trip. You may need to have a comprehensive investigation done to uncover hidden property and other assets, corporate affiliations, an apartment or other undisclosed address. Does he or she share a crash pad with someone else? What are the activities they are engaged in? Our Private Investigators in L.A., Orange County and San Diego will get you the answers.

This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, but it may be the most important decision of your life and the best money spent for your piece of mind. What is more important in your life than this? We also conduct the best Orange County Background Checks, covering the entire U.S.A.  Having our Private Investigators based in Orange County, Ca. affords Linked Investigations the ability to operate better than any Newport Beach Investigator. Just 5 minutes away from John Wayne Airport means we can easily fly to any destination on short notice when called.

Most of us need proof of an affair to enable us to have the strength to act and either seek help or leave the relationship. Unfortunately, many of us procrastinate for fear of having to confront the truth. Life does not end here. You are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you do the right things and are assisted by the right people. Call us today and we can ease your mind. Its confidential and there is no obligation.

Let’s face it, one of the reasons it is so hard for people to accept the truth is the responsibility that comes with awakening to the truth. And the fear of what may lie ahead. You can no longer hide behind illusions and so it is here that the tough decisions are made. You need a confidant you can trust and rely on who can really be of help in your time of need.

Why Hire Linked Investigations?

When it comes to surveillance work, particularly cases involving suspected cheating spouses, the Linked Investigations team has garnered a well earned reputation as “sensitive issue specialists”.

Located in Orange County, California, since 1982 our proven investigative team have achieved successful results in thousands of surveillance cases locally and internationally, most of them involving cheating spouses.  In the process we have uncovered the truth for our clients, allowing them to make informed decisions that lead to a better quality life.

When it comes to cheating spouse cases here’s just a few of the many reasons our clients have hired Linked Investigations:

  • Professional Experience. State licensed with about 30 years of in-the-field experience as a Private Detective in Orange County, Ca.
  • All surveillance is conducted professionally and discreetly. Our Associates are also top experienced licensed Private Investigators in Orange County and abroad.
  • We provide accurate and timely, well written reports, video and photos when called for.
  • Our team has and will continue to testify to their findings in a court room environment if called upon. Linked Investigations is the ideal, confidential partner for your case.

Linked Investigations has thoughtfully conducted thousands of Surveillances in the Los Angeles metro areas and all over the United States. Below is a small sampling of client responses from those who have been freed of their realistic suspicions by using Linked Investigations to uncover the truth of their cheating spouses affairs.

“I was so confused and lost about what to do when I was suspecting my husband of cheating. I’m so grateful that I hired this private investigator who quickly and so discreetly found the answers I was needing to move on. He continued to assist me through the entire process at no additional charge. My husband could no longer deny his cheating and I was able to move on with my life.”  – Barbara D.

“I came to this PI after noticing a change in my wife’s behavior for some time.  Although we were in counseling and she told me and the therapist that she was not seeing anyone outside of our relationship, the investigators caught her on two occasions with the man she has been seeing.  Mike at Linked Investigations confirmed this was the person she reconnected with at her High School reunion. Once confronted with the irrefutable facts, my wife has finally stopped seeing this person and I believe she really wants to work on our marriage.” – Steve M.

“These private investigators offered me more than just evidence. They found where the missing money was and supported me every step of the way. They gave me referrals to three attorneys and recommended the evaluator for our custody problems. Everything I needed to put an end to this difficult situation” I’m finally able to breathe and smile again.- Leslie W.

What if? What if this person is not engaged in an affair? What if he or she hasn’t crossed that line yet and things aren’t as bad as you thought? You need to know this as much as you would need to know about an affair. You can re-evaluate your options and take a different approach to do your best to achieve the positive outcome you need.


Sometimes In Life Decisions Aren’t Simple.

Call Linked Investigations today and start getting answers.

Call 877-464-5374 . It’s safe, private and our initial consultation with you is complimentary.

A licensed private investigator will confidentially discuss your case. You will be provided with straight and honest answers, which will take the guesswork out of getting the answers you need.

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Thank you,

Mike Garroutte

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