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Asset Search California

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Accurate, Timely & Useable Data Is important.

Asset Search California, California Asset SearchYou can’t go online these days without coming across some kind of online information search service. This has to do with uncovering specific information concerning a person or company.

Old, outdated information and up-sell is the name of the game with most of the companies that advertise on television, radio and internet. Many work for a large volume of customers and have data entry clerks enter your query and return weak results. We regularly talk with victims of these overrated search companies. Then we get the results they wanted.

It’s More Than Just a Search.

In many cases, the online search is routine, but most of the time what is being sought requires a degree of expertise to locate and make sense of the data, separating useless facts from critical information. This is where Linked Investigations comes in.

Since 1982 our proven investigative team have taken thousands of diverse cases to a positive close. Searching and uncovering the truth for our clients to make critical and timely decisions when it matters most. Call us today and ask for Mike Garroutte 877-464-5374

We are experts in conducting online searches in the following areas:

Locating People and Property.

• Asset Search California

• Current and historical addresses

• Date of birth & SSN.

• Aliases (aka)

• Divorce and Marriage records

• Birth and death records

• Relatives, Associates & Neighbors

• Fictitious Business Names (DBAs)

• Limited Liability Partnerships

• Corporate records; Officers, Filing Status

• Tax liens & Judgements

• Notice of default & Bankruptcy

• State issued licenses (most states)

• Sex offender check

• Nationwide Criminal and Civil court records

• Employment Searches and Many more…


If you are seeking investigators who can conduct professional, timely, affordable and accurate searches, Linked Investigations is the ideal, confidential partner for your project.

Asset Search California

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